English Course

Updated: Thu 15 Jun 2017  

Summer School

English Lessons

The English language is at the centre of all lessons and activities at Whitgift Summer School. Our students are completely immersed in English throughout the day and evening.

Our students' level of English is assessed through an online test before they arrive and a speaking test on their first morning, so we can tailor the English course to their individual needs.

We have developed a unique syllabus, which combines English Skills lessons with using English in our carefully-balanced English in Action lessons. Students have a total of 23 hours of English lessons per week, progress-monitored regularly.  Our aim is to help students to become more confident and more fluent when communicating in English, and to be motivated to continue to work on their English long after they have left Whitgift Summer School.

An academic report is produced at the end of each week which is emailed to parents.