English Student Hosts

Updated: Fri 6 Oct 2017  


We want to encourage our Summer School students to communicate in English throughout their stay. To help achieve this aim, we carefully select pupils from Whitgift School and our sister school, Old Palace of John Whitgift, to take part in all aspects of the Summer School. Student Hosts arrive at the school at lunch-time each day and take part in English in Action classes, afternoon activities/academies and evening activities as well as having lunch and dinner with the international students.

Interacting with English native speakers of a similar age greatly accelerates the English learning process, makes it more meaningful and leads to potentially long-lasting friendships. The majority of international students keep in touch with their new English friends, meaning the English language learning continues well beyond the summer.

If you are a year-round pupil at Whitgift School or Old Palace of John Whitgift School, please note that applications for Student Host positions will open in April 2018.