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NEWS: The Nineteenth SymposiumIn September 2019, Whitgift hosted the annual Symposium for Upper Sixth Formers and students from North London Collegiate School (NLCS).

Date published: Wed 2 Oct 2019   Category: Events

The symposium is designed to support independent learning by providing students with opportunities to conduct and collaborate in research and learn beyond the curriculum. It aims to promote Scholarships by offering students the ability to present, defend and evaluate ideas.

Whitgift students had been working with a partner student from NLCS since the start of the Michaelmas Term, identifying a topic to discuss from a range of disciplines such as science, medicine, history, economics, politics and engineering, in which they located cutting edge research before preparing a presentation on it.

On the day of the Symposium, the students gave their presentations in pairs and then participated in open discussions with a wider group. The Symposium is a great opportunity to practise skills that will benefit them not only at university, but also in the workplace while working collaboratively with a partner or group.

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