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NEWS: The ‘Non-Perfect Dad’ Richard Shorter delivers talkRichard Shorter visits Whitgift as part of the sports mentoring programme to give a talk to parents and students

Date published: Fri 15 Feb 2019   Category: Sports

At the beginning of February, Richard Shorter aka the ‘Non-Perfect Dad’ visited the School to deliver a talk on how to build character through sport. An inspiring speaker, Richard is dedicated to enabling parents and sport teams work together through courageous and honest parenting. The talk also discussed how parents can facilitate positive conversations based on character rather than results, whether that is academia or sport.

The Whitgift sports mentoring programme is designed to mentor and monitor those students on sports scholarships and bursaries. The programme encourages students to have informal conversations with dedicated staff to help them navigate through school life, academia, co-curricular and training demands, which is linked with the pastoral system to obtain a bigger picture of the students’ progress. On top of that, students who are sports scholars have access to the talks and presentations delivered by staff every fortnight from the Firefly portal.

Head of P.E., Sport & Physical Education, Mr James McCann commented, “Richard Shorter delivered what I consider to be a must hear talk on how parents can continue to support their children in the School and beyond. The one take home for me was that many parents feel like they need to jump in when a little bit of pressure is applied to their children. However, sometimes we do need to let students forget homework, forget books/bags and then support them in dealing with the consequences whilst helping them move forward and progress. Parenting is the longest gratification vocation we can do and therefore the small steps of development and failure can attribute to building character.”

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