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The Wonders of Remembrance Day

By George, Year 9

Imagine you were back in World War One. Bombs flying, shivering cold, friends dying. This year has been a very special year as it is the 100 year anniversary of WWI. I have decided to write this article to find out more about how the war was commemorated this Remembrance Day. I have asked a few people what they thought about Remembrance Day.

The reason why the poppy is a symbol of those who died in WWI is because before it was always a sign of death. But the poppy would grow in even the harshest of environments. On the battlefields in WW1 the men started to see a spectacular sight. Poppies! Even though the battlefield was so harsh there were poppies growing.

This year there have been many things to commemorate those who died in WWI. In London, for example, the Poppies at the Tower installation; at Whitgift School we held a special service; in my local high street there was a war memorial; and finally the whole country came together in the two minutes silence..

Over the half term I had the pleasure to go to visit the ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. There were 888,246 poppies laid down to represent each and every soldier that died in WWI. Even from far away when I was walking up I could see that notorious sea of red that everyone was talking about. This really shocked me because I did not realise that this many soldiers had died. That’s nearly 1,000,000!

I went down to my local high street over the weekend and surveyed ten people to see what they thought about this year’s Centenary. Many said that they themselves had visited the Tower of London. “Magnificent”, “spectacular”, “really made you realise how many died” is mainly what I heard.

Not all events have been on TV though as my School, Whitgift School, had the whole school and even visitors attend this year’s remembrance service. We filled up the whole sports hall and had a very long service because of the number of Old Whitgiftians who died in the war. Also in my local high street there is a war memorial which this year was covered by poppies and crosses that represented the men from my town who died in WW1. With my survey, the people described it as “sweet” and “memorable”. Also on remembrance Sunday my rugby club all came together to do a two minute silence.

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