Headmaster's Welcome

Preparing young men for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow is something we only get the chance to do once, whether as teachers or as parents.

By the time they leave us, many of the things that make them who they are – their beliefs, values, and sense of self – will already be forming, if not formed. It’s an enormous shared responsibility, and one that has particular significance within the special context of a boys’ school, given the many challenges young men growing up today will face.

The question then is how best to prepare them for the changing world they will come to shape.  At Whitgift, we believe the answer lies in knowing, valuing, and challenging every individual, stretching and supporting them in equal measure.

Whitgift is unashamedly ambitious when it comes to academic performance, but we know results alone are not everything. To truly succeed, students need more than just knowledge... They will need the confidence and resilience to embrace new challenges, they will need an open mind that is global in its outlook, and they will need the emotional maturity and moral grounding to be a force for good in the communities they serve.

We are incredibly proud of the young men who leave us and what they achieve. We are particularly proud they come from such a diverse range of backgrounds, thanks in part to the generous bursary and scholarship schemes we are able to offer. Indeed, alongside our academic philosophy, comprehensive pastoral support, and fantastic co-curricular programme, the incredible mix of boys who come here is one of the things that makes Whitgift such a truly special place to learn.