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Stories from our Inspiring Community


Iain Stevenson School Captain 2023-24 & U17 Great Britain American Footballer

“Being a Whitgiftian means being part of an incredibly diverse community with an astonishing range of activities both in the academic and co-curricular worlds. These have allowed me to get the most out of my Whitgift education.”

Iain is the current School Captain at Whitgift and was the Junior Years School Captain during the 2019-20 academic year. Iain has a passion for American football and proudly represents Great Britain in the U17 team. You'll often find him sharing his expertise by coaching flag American football to students in the Lower First and First Form.

When he's not on the football field, Iain actively engages with various community initiatives, including volunteering for the Community Summer School. Additionally, he currently assumes the role of Chief Editor for Whitonomics, the School's economic magazine.

Ryan Okonne Head Chorister & Environmental Enthusiast 

“Being a Whitgift Chorister has taught me the value of resilience and organisation. Singing with my fellow Choristers is not just about harmonising our voices, it's about harmonising our passions.”

Ryan is currently in the Second Form at Whitgift and began his journey as a Chorister in the Lower First Form. Ryan dedicates a substantial portion of his free time to rehearsing with his fellow Choristers at Whitgift and at the Croydon Minster. His unwavering dedication has led him to the esteemed role of Head Chorister.  Ryan has made many appearances in performances during his time at Whitgift, most notably at the Summer Arts Festival and the 'Ship Ahoy!' concert held at the Croydon Minster.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Ryan is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation. He serves as the founder of 'The Ozone Hero Team,' a club he initiated to explore innovative ways to protect our planet. In the Trinity Term of 2023, Ryan and his team took proactive steps by delivering an informative presentation to the First Form cohort, aiming to raise awareness about pressing global environmental issues.

Beyond his musical and environmental interests, Ryan's curiosity extends to the realm of linguistics. He finds joy in speaking Korean and is a keen swimmer. 

Jay Raymond Science Enthusiast & Deputy Vice School Captain 2023-24

“The diversity of the whole community, staff and students alike, encouraged me to aim high and allowed me to experiment with my interests and push myself out of my comfort zone until I discovered where my true passions lay.”

Jay is one of the Deputy Vice School Captains at Whitgift, a role he shares with his responsibilities as the Deputy Vice Captain of Student Voice. He is an Academic Scholar and his pursuits primarily revolve around the world of science. Jay is an active member of the Biomedical Society, where he immerses himself in the latest scientific developments and discoveries. He is also an editor for the School's science magazine, Spectra.

Jay is a member of the Sustainability Committee at Whitgift and represents his peers as a School Council member. His diverse interests also encompass the world of drama, where he has contributed to various productions, such as last year's Senior production of the Caucasian Chalk Circle. He is also a keen footballer. 

Ting Wen Talented Violinist & Founder's House Senior Prefect 2023-24

“Leaving my previous school behind, I embarked on a journey where self-discovery became my passport. At Whitgift, I found not only a new chapter, but an entire book waiting to be written, filled with friendships, adventures, and the discovery of my authentic self.”

Ting is a talented Violinist, and holds a Distinction in Grade 8 Violin. Ting has been involved in many music performances during his time at Whitgift such as the Autumn Collection Concert, where he performed a solo, and the recent Summer Arts Festival. Ting also contributed his musical talents as a vital member of the pit band for the Junior production of Swallows and Amazons and performed in the Senior production of Chariots of Fire.

He is an International Baccalaureate student and in June 2023, he and his team won the IB Group 4 Science Project for their presentation on 'modulating laser beams to transmit messages through the vortex of Martian storms.' He also takes on leadership roles within the School community, serving as a School Senior Prefect and a Founder's House Senior Prefect. He is also part of the Charity Committee. 

Ting regularly takes part in various academic competitions, such as the French Debating Competition and the British Mathematics Olympiad. Ting also has a passion for computer science and builds computers in his spare time. His linguistic talents are equally impressive, as he is proficient in French, Mandarin, and German.

Jack Murray U17 Great Britain Modern Pentathlete 

“Whitgift only offers a unique and diverse education. This combined with the enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching staff has allowed me to explore and achieve things I never knew was capable of. I have managed to excel in Modern Pentathlon which wouldn't be possible without the world-class coaching and amazing facilities to which I have been exposed to.”

Jack is in the Lower Sixth and embarked on his journey at Whitgift in the Lower First Form. It was here that his passion for Modern Pentathlon developed. Jack is a GB Modern Pentathlete and is currently on the Great Britain Talent Programme. He also represents Whitgift in Modern Pentathlon fixtures.

His recent accomplishments include a remarkable 9th place finish at the U17 Modern Pentathlon World Championships held in Alexandria, Egypt, a testament to his skill and determination.

Jack is a diligent student who consistently excels in his studies, whilst balancing an intense training schedule. He recently shared his experiences at Whitgift by participating in an assembly panel, offering valuable insights to students in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Form. Furthermore, Jack also actively engages in community volunteering.

Bakari Leon        Talented Musician & Summer School Volunteer

“I’m always inspired by the School’s Music & Drama departments, there are so many people who are dedicated and happy to teach you, it is such a welcoming community to be a part of.”

Bakari makes the most of the co-curricular clubs on offer, he is a member of the Acapella club and the Corp of Drums. He is well-known for his musical talents and is a member of the Soul Choir and Big Band, appearing in many performances such as House Drama, House Music, Hairspray, Not about Nightingales, The Caucasian Chalk Circle and the Autumn Collection Concert.

He has achieved several awards for his singing talents, one of which was winning 1st place at the Lent Singing Competition (2021). He also plays the saxophone, and loves writing poetry. Bakari regularly volunteers to visit and perform for the residents of Whitgift House, as well as regularly volunteering for Whitgift's Community Summer School.

Femi Owolade-Coombes Computer-coding entrepreneur and philanthropist

"Whitgift’s co-curricular clubs and societies really do offer something for everyone. They are run by dedicated tutors who share their specialist knowledge and experience and have really helped enhance my learning and personal skills development."

Femi is a Design, Technology and Engineering scholar at Whitgift. His passion for coding led him to set up South London Raspberry Jam – which looks to share his skills and knowledge with other young people. Since then, Femi has gone on to run many coding and robot workshops across the UK and internationally, as well as delivering keynote speeches at industry events for RedHat, Amazon and Lloyds Banking Group.  He has also travelled to South-East Asia and China, representing young tech talent in the UK for the Department of International Trade and Global Tech Advocates.

Femi has also won several prestigious awards including The Inaugural Legacy Diana Award, The Prime Minister's Points of Light award and a Tech London Advocates 25 Under 25 Award.  He is a passionate hockey player and is a member of the U18 England Hockey Squad (2023). Femi is also often involved in mentoring  or supporting younger students at school events.

In early 2023, Femi featured on our school podcast, Whitgift Conversations, which you can listen to here.

Dylan Mulvey  Talented Artist & Wimbledon Coin Toss Nominee

“Being a Whitgiftian is a unique experience and opens up many opportunities for the student body. Personally, I have made many fantastic friends and have been able to experience several interesting activities and sports.”

Dylan is a keen creative, who has an eye for design. In 2021, he won Whitgift’s 425 Anniversary Fountain Quad Mural Competition. His artwork is walked past daily by students and staff. In addition to this, in October 2022, Dylan won the Black History Month Creative Competition, hosted by the infamous rugby team, Harlequins. His artwork was produced on various merchandise that was sold at a Harlequins V Leicester Tigers matchday in October.

In 2022, Dylan participated in an abseil down the Pelican Tower to raise funds for St George’s Hospital, because of his charitable efforts, Dylan was nominated by the local community of Merton and Wandsworth to perform the coin toss in the Men’s finals at Wimbledon 2022.

Dylan is involved in multiple sports teams, including the Whitgift Ski Race Team, B Team Rugby, and U14 Judo team.