Our Vision

Aerial Photo of the School

For more than 400 years, Whitgift has been transforming boys’ lives through education.

Whitgift 2025 was created as a result of the input and imagination of staff and students and the next few years will represent an exciting time of evolution for the school, both in terms of our site development plan and the educational partnerships we are embarking on. 

Our overarching vision is:

"Educating bright and talented young men, whatever their background, to become independent learners and thinkers, to achieve beyond what they believed they could, and to leave us ready to give back to the society in which they will be leaders."

Please take a moment to hear more from our staff and students, as well as reading more about our plans.

Whitgift felt the most ‘real’ of the independent schools I had seen and I was struck by the humility of the staff and boys I had met. It was welcoming from the get-go, warm, and I instantly thought my boys would thrive here if they were lucky enough to get a place.