Exam Results

We congratulate our 2020/21 cohort of students who have shown great attitudes and resilience in the face of a challenging period in their education. Their adaptability is reflected in the results seen here and underpinned by the support of their Tutors. 

In 2021, A Level and GCSE grades were robustly and carefully calculated with International Baccalaureate (IB) being accessed externally as well as by teachers. The results awarded are a great tribute to the students’ hard work and their attitude to the uniquely difficult circumstances.  
The Headmaster and staff warmly congratulate them on their efforts which have led to their success – we are all very proud of them.  
Full results tables can be found on page 11.

A summary of the 2021 results can be found in the guide below.

Summary of 2021 Results

Sunday Times Parent Power Top 10
Effort is placed not only on good exam grades but also producing boys who can think on their feet, have confidence, and solve problems. This is why a Whitgift education prepares them [students] for the outside world.


The school encourages good behaviour and rewards effort and hard work. They excel in feeding a lifelong passion for learning and great academic and sporting results are just a natural outcome.

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