Learning Philosophy


At Whitgift our curriculum is designed to stimulate independent thinking and a lifelong passion for learning and intellectual life in its broadest sense.

Alongside providing academic challenge for all pupils, it offers opportunity and rigour. It is only by excitement about learning that we can support students to achieve beyond what they felt they were capable of.

All of the traditional academic subjects are enhanced by a range of cross-curricular approaches. In STEM for example, courses develop research skills including the IGNITE project in the Second Form; and our extensive Academic Enrichment programme is accessible by the entire School. 

Being able to think globally is a key skill that will serve today’s students well in their future lives. Global Citizenship is a subject that has recently been introduced to the Junior Years comprising a carefully thought through programme of project and cross-subject learning.

Pupils are encouraged to show initiative in extending learning in their own ways outside the classroom, bringing a personalised element to the curriculum. We are pleased to have engaged and committed teaching staff who deliver this comprehensive curriculum and will help your son to find a lifelong love of learning.

It has been an amazing journey thus far hence the deep appreciation firm hope for greater things to come for our son in the future and beyond.

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