Scholarships are principally awarded to recognise academic potential but are also available to students who show exceptional talent as all-rounders or in a specific area.

A small number of scholarships may carry a generous reduction in the school fees in recognition of outstanding merit.

Scholarships will be retained throughout the student’s time in the School subject to satisfactory academic progress, good behaviour, and commitment to the awarded field.

All applicants who sit the Entrance Examinations will be considered for an Academic scholarship. A separate scholarship application is not required.

Applicants wanting to be considered for Art, Design Technology & Engineering, Drama, Music, and/or Sport scholarships must complete a Whitgift Scholarship form for their specific area and upload it when completing the online application form. A maximum of three scholarships (excluding Academic) can be applied for. 

Scholarship applications must be submitted at the same time as the main application form to be considered. 

More information about the types of scholarships available are shown below.