OW, Chairman of Sutton United FC, celebrates the Club’s promotion to the EFL League Two

OW and Chairman of Sutton United Football Club, Bruce Elliott celebrates his team for being crowned National League Champions and being promoted to the EFL League for the 2021-22 season for the first time in its 123-year history.  

Whilst Bruce Elliott’s successful career path has been in accountancy, he started volunteering and being involved with Sutton United Football Club since he was still at school. According to Bruce, his father would take him to matches and it has been Bruce’s life-long hobby ever since. Thanks to his dedication, Bruce was appointed as Chairman of “the wonderful family community football club” since 1996.  

Earlier this year, Bruce and his partner decided to sell their accountancy practice and are now in the process of assisting with the handover of the business to the new owners. Bruce’s immediate aim is to establish the Club as a League Club.  

He recognises that just like any football club, the constant challenges are to ‘balance the books’ and to entertain their supporters. However, just like anything else in life or even life itself, football is a game of highs and lows and thankfully they have had so many wonderful days. A memorable moment for Bruce was the Club’s excellent FA Cup run in 2017, making it to the 5th round after winning against AFC Wimbledon and Leeds, which led to them playing Arsenal at home in front of a worldwide TV audience of 200 million. 

Bruce is grateful for everyone involved in the journey into the EFL League Two which involves a very strong team off and on the pitch. He sheds light on the manager Matt Gray, the coaching staff, the volunteers who give up a lot of their time for the Club, the assistant manager and of course, the wonderful squad of players who showed just what can be achieved with a lot of hard work, against all the odds.