Whitgift brothers launch festival engagement platform

Whitgift brothers George Oyebode (2008 – 2016) and Jamie Oyebode (2008 – 2013) have founded The Soulstice Collective – a festival turned engagement platform. 

With the aim to celebrate music, art and culture while raising awareness and driving societal change, Soulstice was founded in 2017 as a music festival to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Young Minds charities. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, it gave the brothers the opportunity to consider adapting Soulstice’s annual event into a year-round celebration. George explains “Soulstice is one arm of a big puzzle which is the crumbling arts industry due to the Coronavirus.”

Driven by the change that took place over a few short months, the death of George Floyd and the rise in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, they realised Soulstice was the perfect medium to facilitate positive change.  

George said, “Soulstice will mean different things to different people, that’s what we want to capture, we want to dip our toes into lots of different things, succeed in some, fail in others.” 

The Soulstice Collective is an extension of their existing brand that ‘becomes a vehicle for engagement with music, art, culture and society all tied together by a yearly festival’.

George continued; “The first chapter was the festival and the second is Soulstice Creative, an online platform creating and producing content that, like the festival, relies on grassroot support.”

Jamie added; “We really want The Soulstice Collective to be a growing entity that’s always ready to take on new projects.” 

Future plans involve the brothers launching a Soulstice outreach initiative.