School drama at its best promotes real team work like nothing else

I mentioned in my last blog that younger boys in particular have missed interaction with older boys. It’s therefore particularly good news that the School Council will be up and running again soon, giving as it does the chance not only for year groups to interact, but for a wider airing of what is on students’ minds.

Sport has its frustrations at the moment, heavens knows, but I feel especially for music and drama. Music ensembles are gearing up more; drama too gives the golden opportunity for older boys to work alongside younger, providing role models and advice. And of course, as I’ve often said and written, school drama at its best promotes real team work like nothing else. The discipline of production, the reliance on others, the need to listen, the equal role of every participant … these things are sorely needed and deeply missed. At least the House Drama competition, ingeniously transferred to film, provided something of that magic, so many thanks to Mr Hammond, and congratulations to the excellent Tates cast and crew, judged winners. Theirs truly was a compelling short film, Irish accents, at least to my inexpert ear both consistent and believable (so hard to avoid low-grade comedy!).

Thanks as ever are due to parents for coping with changing activities arrangements, to the boys for keeping cheerful, and the staff for often herculean efforts. I know everyone is grateful.

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