The Lent Connection Concert 2024

The Lent Connection Concert 2024

February 2024 saw the return of another leap year, providing Mr Henderson (Director of Music) with inspiration for the Lent Connection Concert. Formerly known as the Lent Collection Concert, this year's event adopted a fresh approach. 

Themed around 'connections,' the concert departed from a fixed format, keeping the audience in suspense regarding what ensemble would perform next.  

Mr Henderson commented “Leap Day, being traditionally a day of disruption, offered us a potential theme of disruption for our concert. In a few subtle ways, we nudged the audience to consider different ideas about how a great concert experience might feel: for example, Haydn’s Farewell symphony, or highlighting conceptual connections between pieces.” 

The programme itself reflected this theme, with a special gatefold format that encouraged attendees to feel more involved in the experience. 

The concert showcased various ensembles, including the Senior Strings, Kingham Express (formerly known as the Jazz Band), and the Concert Band. One standout moment was the performance by the Lower First Form Choir, who wowed the audience with a mix of songs such as Fire! by Russell Hepplewhite, Arirang from Korean Folk Song, and I am Dragon by Joanna Lee.  

The Concert Band's rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses was also a big hit with the crowd, adding to the overall success of the evening. 

Mr Henderson closed the evening explaining “At Whitgift we are both preservers of the best of existing traditions and curators of future ones. We aim to be at the forefront of thinking about top-quality performance events and developing audiences’ concert-going experience in the future.”