Return of the Junior House Sports Day

Return of the Junior House Sports Day

As we all know, recent years have been far from ‘normal’. The world was struck by the Covid pandemic and as a result, nations were drawn into lockdowns and with it, lives were changing. We, like all schools, were in a position whereby we had to close our doors. When we finally were able to reopen the school, have children fill the corridors, and see classrooms come alive again with the sound of voices and laughter, we truly were thankful but normal unrestricted life, as we knew it prior, did take time to settle back in place.

Over the course of the academic year, we thankfully saw a return to complete normality and the plethora of extra-curricular opportunities that we are proud to offer as a school could once again go ahead. A core community component of the Lower First and First Form year is the Junior House competition. Throughout which, our 9 Junior Houses are put to the test in fun-filled competitions in pursuit of the House Cup. Our Sports Day is one of the culminating events of the House calendar and eagerly looked forward to. This year was particularly special as it marked the first time since 2018 that we have been able to run this event and we were simply thrilled to welcome parents on to site to cheer along with us! The summer sun filled South Field with a sense of excitement and all students across both year groups competed in a wide variety of events: short and long-distance running, relays, hurdles, long and high jumps, javelin, discus, shot putt, and more!

Our youngest members of the school came together to form a team, and not only did we have numerous impressive personal performances throughout the course of the afternoon, but students cheered each other on – for those within their own house and indeed their competition. It was an afternoon of joy and pride in everything that Whitgift represents – challenge, integrity, support and celebration. 

Damson House, led by Mr Jackson, drew the afternoon to a close in victorious fashion scoring a total of 244 points. Followed closely by Oak House, led by Mr Townshend, in second place with a total of 237 points and Beech House, led by Dr Hudson, coming in third place with a total of 233 points.

The afternoon was a true success, and we are thankful to all of those who were able to join.

The Junior House competition continues over these final weeks of the academic year and the winning House, whoever it may be, will be announced in our annual ‘Celebration of Whitgift Life’.

Head of First Form, Mr Bhatti