A four-day Junior Cadet Instructors Course

A four-day Junior Cadet Instructors Course

In January 2024, 44 Fourth Form CCF cadets engaged in a comprehensive four-day Junior Cadet Instructors Course (JCIC) conducted at St Martin’s Plain training camp in Folkestone. 

The curriculum encompassed a series of lectures and demonstrations aimed at equipping students with the skills to prepare and deliver effective lessons. Designed to cultivate leadership and instructional skills among cadets, the course required each cadet to develop three lessons, with a minimum of two delivered to meet prescribed standards. 

An impressive 40 cadets successfully completed the course, with only four students needing to complete an additional lesson upon their return to Whitgift. Mr Hogben (CCF Contingent Commander) expressed his satisfaction, stating "This is a great result and is the largest number of cadets we have taken on this course in recent history." 

In addition to the instructional components, cadets could partake in team building exercises, navigation challenges, a drill competition, and a training session featuring a newly acquired field gun on loan from the Royal Navy. 

The cadets universally enjoyed the experience, which not only provided enjoyment but also improved their communication and problem-solving skills.