BPhO Physics Challenge

The British Physics Olympiad (BPhO) encourages the study of physics, running annual competitions to recognise excellence in students across the UK. Over the course of the Lent Term, budding physicists in the Fifth Form and Lower Sixth took part in the Intermediate Physics Challenge (Year 11) and Senior Physics Challenge events (Year 12), respectively. With covid restrictions in place, these events were moved online this year.

However, this did not dampen students' enthusiasm and efforts which were reflected in an impressive 16 Gold, 22 Silver and 1 Bronze awards in the Intermediate Challenge. A special mention goes to Harvey (Fifth Form) who achieved Gold with a score of 38/40, placing him in the top 15 of almost 5,000 entries and putting him in the 0.3% nationally. Congratulations also to JinYingfan and Si Ru (Third Form) and Guanyu (Fourth Form) for completing in the Year 11 category and achieving Silver.

In the Senior Physics Challenge 3 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze awards were achieved, with this event being completed as part of Whitgift’s Physics Enrichment programme. Furthermore, subsequent to finishing in the top 100 nationally in the British Physics Olympiad round 1 event, Anant (Upper Sixth) was invited to take part in the ever more challenging round 2 event for a place on the British Physics Olympiad team.

Teacher of Physics, Mr Hanley commented, “Congratulations to our students on their success and hard work for these events, we are extremely proud of your achievements.”

BPhO Physics Challenge 2021