Community Summer School welcomes local year 5 pupils

Whitgift's Community Summer School has opened its doors to the first 45, year 5 pupils from local primary schools. The School, which started on Monday 27 July 2020 was originally planned to run for two weeks but has been extended to four weeks to support higher numbers of pupils and to help them prepare for their final important year at Primary School. 

The pupils are enjoying lessons in English, Mathematics and Science with classes run by teachers from all three John Whitgift Foundation Schools (Whitgift, Old Palace of John Whitgift and Trinity). Whitgift's 2020 Upper Sixth Form graduates are also lending a hand to support the programme.

Whitgift's Director of Partnership and Community, Mr Andy Marlow has recorded this video to explain more about the School and what is planned over this Summer.

Click below to view the video: