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Exciting new educational partnership in India

Whitgift School, part of the Whitgift Foundation, a charity based in Croydon, South London, is pleased to announce it has entered into an educational partnership with the Mobius Foundation, a not for profit organisation working towards environmental sustainability.

The partnership will launch the World Environment School, Coorg (WESc) - the first school of its kind in India and South Asia to take a leading role in promoting and delivering environmental education with sustainability. It will be based Karnataka, South West India and open to students from India and around the world from 2021.

Whitgift’s partnership with WESc will focus on providing academic support to the School, including establishing all aspects of the curriculum and syllabus development, assessment and best-teaching and learning practices. Part of the WESc syllabus will include the International Baccalaureate, where Whitgift holds the position as the top boys’ school in the UK.

Chris Ramsey, Headmaster said, “We hope that Whitgift’s involvement, alongside a number of international partners will make a genuine difference to education in a growing economy and allow us to participate in a sustainable educational model. Over time, as well as us sharing our knowledge, I’m excited at the prospect of how our students and the entire school community will benefit from collaborating with such a forward-looking ‘green’ school.”

Whilst partnering with WESc is without doubt a significant step in Whitgift’s history, it is just one of many existing ways that the School aims to focus on student’s roles as global citizens. Long-standing partnerships with Japan, through an annual exchange scheme, language partner schools, and links through the boarding community have been well established for several years.