National Poetry Day 2021

To celebrate National Poetry Day, Whitgift welcomed poet and spoken word artist, Kimba on-site for a day of activities. 

Kimba wrote his first significant piece of poetry at age 11 and later went on to receive a full scholarship to study at university. Kimba has also released two hip hop albums that have received strong praise and support, with his music featured in a film production in the United States. His debut poetry book will be released in early 2022.  

Since finding his voice in poetry & performance he has worked with several well-known schools, colleges, charities, and corporations. Kimba performed some of his poems in an assembly for Sixth Form students in the morning, and then again for Lower First and First Form students in the afternoon. 

He also held creative writing sessions for Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Formers. Kimba was amazed at some of the work produced by the students. Below is an example: 

The fear clouded me, so I kept on walking 
My steps weighted with guilt and shame and regret, felt like they caused earthquakes 
Supported by wobbly, clumsy, sticks of jelly 
I should have turned back,  
But the fear enveloped me in an abyss. 
I was too scared to help.  

- Qasim Haque (Fourth Form) 

Pupils enjoyed learning writing styles and discussing their personal projects with Kimba in the Junior Library, before getting their autographs signed.  

Kimba commented on his time at Whitgift; “Thank you so much for yesterday and for choosing me. It was an amazingly memorable day. I’m honoured to have come down to work with the students & staff. Whitgift is a beacon of hope in education and cultural equality. I am honoured to have experienced the School and the gracious nature of everyone I met.” 

Whitgift would like to thank Kimba for making his visit such a memorable event.