Young Geographer of the Year competition

Young Geographer of the Year competition

The Whitgift community would like to congratulate Rafe (Upper Sixth Form) for his recent achievement on being shortlisted for Young Geographer of the Year by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). 

Under the theme 'A Blueprint for the Future,' the RGS sought innovative ideas addressing critical challenges in areas such as food production and supply, energy and sustainability, water security, population growth, and economic crises. 

Rafe's 1,500-word essay delved into unique solutions that simultaneously targeted multiple goals outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. His focus spanned across ending poverty and inequality, safeguarding the planet and its defining characteristics, and ensuring universal access to health, justice, and prosperity.  

Rafe explained “The world is facing an increasingly complex combination of geographic issues, each requiring innovative solutions that need to be pragmatic, easy and quick to implement. I believe in identifying successful niche solutions and scaling them to create broader worldwide strategies.” 

Rafe expressed gratitude towards his Geography teachers, Miss Gardiner (Head of Geography) and Mr Bassett (Second in Geography), for their invaluable support and assistance throughout the submission process. 

Miss Gardiner commented “Rafe is a truly exceptional geographer, and this prize is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Rafe's 'Blue Print For The Future' provided contemporary solutions centered around economic growth and environmental protection, to ensure a more sustainable future for all. As a Geography department, we are exceptionally proud of Rafe and look forward to what he continues to achieve.” 

Anticipation builds as Rafe eagerly looks forward to the award ceremony at the RGS in Kensington on Friday 8 December 2023, where ‘Young Geographer of the Year’ will be announced. 

The Whitgift Community is incredibly proud of Rafe's accomplishment, recognising that being selected for this award is an achievement, regardless of the final outcome.