Student awarded first prize in Keble College Essay Competition

Over the summer, Lower Sixth Former Daniel Munks was awarded first prize in the Keble College Theology and Religion Essay Competition 2020. 

Daniel submitted an essay of up to 1,500 words in which he discussed the topic: ‘The apparent reality of cosmic fine-tuning furnishes one of the most powerful and promising platforms for a dialogue between theology and physical cosmology’.  

Cosmic fine-tuning is the observation that things/qualities in our world seem tailored to facilitate human life (if things had been slightly different, the universe wouldn’t be habitable). For Christians, this might be seen as evidence of God’s design, because it seems more than just a coincidence! Whereas secular physicists might find an alternative explanation, not agreeing that a God exists. 

Daniel’s essay explored what this notion means for religious and non-religious people, to see whether there could be any point of agreement between them. He commented, “My Theology and Philosophy teacher Mr. White encouraged me to enter the competition and I was really surprised and happy when they emailed me to let me know I had won.”  

Keble College ran the essay competition to offer an opportunity for students to consider in more depth questions of contemporary and historical significance. Winners were chosen based on their essays being carefully researched, well-structured and well-presented, but which also reflect critical awareness and an ability to reason through an argument.  

The School would like to congratulate Daniel on winning this prestigious essay competition.