Team Building and Resilience Day for Lower First pupils

This year the School introduced the first Team Building and Resilience Day for Lower First students, in lieu of the Lake Garda trip which could not go ahead due to the current circumstances. The Lower First Formers were given various challenges to help them work together as a team, teaching them how to listen to each other as well as understanding their own and other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The challenges included the Climbing Wall, helping them build resilience and encouraging them to have a go, even when a challenge feels daunting. The students also used their team building skills during Combat Archery, working together and supporting their team members to secure the most points.

Head of Lower First Form, Miss Seal commented, “The Lower First students had a great day; working together, gaining skills and learning to understand each other.”

We hope the Lower First Formers enjoyed the day, made many new friends and learned more about working together towards a shared goal.