Third Former Tom's flamingo masterpiece

In April 2020, artist Jeremy Houghton (@artistjeremyhoughton) ran a competition for children aged 9 to 13 to create a painting of a flamingo, after his well-established and popular flamingo series.

Whitgift Third Former Tom entered the competition with his stunning flamingo painting, shown below, using using acrylics, pencil and oil pastels. He came joint second in this international competition and was awarded with a set of Jeremy Houghton's postcards.

Houghton, is an internationally recognised British fine artist who paints primarily with oils and watercolours. He was given a studio base alongside Kamfer's Dam situated to the immediate north of Kimberley, South Africa, and it was then that he started painting flamingos. These paintings were used to raise money for various bird life conservation charities, and the flamingo theme is one that he regularly revisits.