Collaborative tree planting in the car park

Collaborative tree planting in the car park

Members of the Horticulture Club run by Mr Nicholls (Teacher of Biology) engaged in a collaborative effort with the Grounds team to enhance the School's car park by planting trees. 

In November 2023, the Grounds team commenced the project by planting the first delivery of trees between the car parking bays.  

The Horticulture Club followed up by planting trees adjacent to the woodland areas near the Copse. Headmaster Mr Chris Ramsey joined in to support both the students and the Grounds team throughout the planting process.  

During this project, students seized the opportunity to plant various tree species, including hornbeam, hawthorn, holly, hazel, and elder trees, along with the addition of hundreds of whips. 

Mr Ratling (Grounds and Estate Manager) commented “The Grounds and Estate department were really encouraged to see members of the School community join us to take part in our tree planting event. We were able to speak with students about the trees that were being planted and how they may be able to return to school one day in the future to view them as mature, established trees.” 

The afternoon was a great success and students acquired new skills while enjoying themselves in the process. The Grounds team, with the help of the Horticulture Club planted an impressive 137 trees and 1,250 hedging whips.