Hero Controls

Using the language of film and editing to tell compelling stories 

House Drama was unable to take the usual form of live theatre this year and so instead Director of Drama at Whitgift, Mr James Hammond set a challenge for each House to produce a 5-minute film. There was still the usual frantic buzz and energy around the School as students finished scripts, organised rooms for rehearsals and got their cast and crew together. However, this year students had the added challenge of choosing locations around the school site and filming within the Covid-secure guidance. 

Each film was reviewed by judge, Mr Daniel Pirrie, former Director of Drama at Whitgift, before a 50-minute online video premier for the School community on the evening on Friday 13 December. 

Mr Pirrie expressed that all the Houses had done extremely well and noted some of the superb central performances, including Jude, who gave McKenzie Crook a run for his money with his character from The Office, and Rex for his sustained comic effort as a Jacob Rees-Mog-Mathematician character. 

At the end of the evening, third place was awarded to Dodds House for their mockumentary-style short film and Andrew’s House were placed second. Their film, ‘The Cough’ was praised for the great long shots and infomercial quality. 

‘A Comfier Seat’ by Tate’s was the evening’s winner. Mr Pirrie commented that he could have been at the Southbank watching professional short film making and that it had grasped what makes short film so compelling. He added that the smash cuts to real life footage were as shocking as they were effective, and Henry’s central performance was compelling and underplayed beautifully.  

Well done to all students - cast and crews - for some ingenious pieces of work and another evening of fantastic entertainment and storytelling.