Mr Wendes designs PPE for NHS frontline

Like several schools across the country, Whitgift is humbled to be part of the community efforts to support our wonderful NHS staff.  

Design Technology and Engineering teacher, Mr Thomas Wendes, has led the way for Whitgift by initially putting our 3D printers into action to create protective visors. However, he quickly realised that the process was very time consuming and so began exploring alternative designs that could be produced faster and on a larger scale.  

Going through several prototypes, and using feedback from Croydon University Hospital procurement team and Whitgift parents who work in the NHS, a fully laser cut design is now in production. Mr Wendes, helped by other staff including Miss Seal, Mr Haji and members of the office team now have a production line in place and have been working all over Easter. Over 2000 have now been made and delivered to 25 London based operations, including Croydon University Hospital and numerous Care Homes.  

The design has been shared with other Croydon schools, and although not considered medically approved equipment, Croydon University Hospital and Local GPs have welcomed them as suitable PPE.  

Please watch the short video which shows the production in process and take a look at the full story as written by Verdict: 

For more information please contact Mr Andy Marlow, Director of Partnerships and Community.