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Whitgift DTE Bake Off Challenge

At the start of Trinity Term, the Design Technology & Engineering department set their talented Third Form pupils a remote learning research, design and make challenge. 

The brief was to investigate the work of an Artist, Designer, Engineer or Design movement of their choice. Students were then tasked with creating a digital portfolio documenting their research, design ideas, making, testing (the best part) and evaluating. This mini edible project is great preparation for the GCSE non-examined assessments which constitutes 50% of the final grade. ‚Äč

The department has been overwhelmed with the quality and creativity of Third Form submissions so far, this has been a great opportunity for students to get back to the drawing board; expressing their ideas in a practical, tangible way. We’ve learned about some incredible B.A.M.E designers that have inspired some of our students. Others have used this opportunity to create incredible designs using 3D computer-aided design software, a technique used by some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking confectionery artisans in the world.

While a great opportunity to refresh their design and modelling skills, we hope our students have had some fun making and tasting their masterpieces. We’re certainly very proud of the talent and creativity that has been demonstrated. We’re only sorry we can’t taste them all!

Highlights from Team Building and Resilience Day