Whitgift Piano Competition 2022

Piano Competition 2021

This year’s Piano Competition had a record number of entries, with a high standard of performances across all classes, of which there were four: Class A (up to grade 2), B (grades 3-5), C (grades 6-7) and D (grade 8 and above).

Director of Music, Mr Elsom commented, “All students did incredibly well, and my thanks go to Mr Lane, Head of Keyboard, for organising the event, and Mr Motley, who adjudicated the Junior Class at lunchtime.”

The School wishes to thank our external adjudicator, Carole Presland, a professional adjudicator and Senior Tutor in Keyboard Chamber Music at Guildhall School of Music & Drama. Carole was incredibly impressed by the quality of the performances from the students, particularly in the intermediate and senior classes, and the summary of the results can be found below:


Class A

1st prize: Shalom (Second Form)

2nd prize: Mathis (Second Form)

3rd prize: Gabriele (Lower First Form)

Highly Commended: Sam C. and Andrey (First Form)


Class B

1st prize: Si Ru (Fourth Form)

2nd prize: Sebastian (Third Form)

3rd prize: Jason (Lower First)

Highly Commended: Dylan (Fourth Form) and Robert (Lower Sixth)


Class C

1st prize: Alexei (Second Form)

2nd prize: Vishaagan (Third Form) and Arnav (Second Form)

3rd prize: Joshua (Third Form)

Highly Commended: Laurence (Third Form)


Class D

1st prize: Jerry (Upper Sixth Form)

2nd prize: Ethan (Third Form)

3rd prize: Elishe (Upper Sixth) and Jason (Third Form)

Highly Commended: David (Upper Sixth Form) and Lucian (Fifth Form)


Barnett Cup for a pianist of outstanding potential from any class: Ethan (Third Form)