Support for Ugandan clean water project

Water Well Sign

Today is World Water Day and we are pleased to update you on an initiative that Chartwells (the School’s catering company) and Whitgift have been able to support. A new water pump was installed to provide clean water to 350 people in Kyaisimba 2 Village, Hoima District Uganda, funded in part by the School's purchases of Life Water.

The project was manged by Drop4Drop and full details can be viewed in here.

The in-country contact explained that a villager, Evelyn, is a mother of five children, three biological and two adopted. Before the availability of water in her community, Evelyn’s children used to walk a distance of three kilometres to fetch water. This would require them to wake up in early hours of the morning to collect water before going to school. It was unsafe for the children to walk two kilometres all alone. This was because they would also go to fetch water while it was still quite dark. They would, therefore, get to school late many times and get punished. “Now there is a clean source of water in the community When school starts, our children will have enough time to attend classes.” says Evelyn.

Whilst Whitgift aims to limit the use of single-use plastic, where it is needed for fixtures and trips, we are pleased to use Life Water allowing donations to be made for each bottle or can purchased.

Thank you to all at Chartwells for bringing this wonderful initiative to Whitgift and other Schools they work with.