Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

The aim of the CCF is to develop powers of leadership, teamwork and self-discipline. The training promotes the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a sense of service to the community.

Established in 1874, Whitgift's Combined Cadet Force (CCF) offers Army, Navy, RAF, and Corps of Drums sections. Over 250 cadets parade weekly on Tuesdays from 15:45 to 17:30.

Membership is voluntary, starting in the Third Form (Year 9) for the Army, RAF, and Navy sections, and in the First Form (Year 7) for the Corps of Drums. Each section teaches cadets a wide variety of skills including navigation, target shooting, first aid, and adventure activities such as hill walking and water sports.

Cadets progress to become instructors, developing leadership, communication, confidence, and resilience. Opportunities for scholarships and bursaries exist, with notable alumni including former Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Peter Wall.

The School encourages good behaviour and rewards effort and hard work. They excel in feeding a lifelong passion for learning and great academic and sporting results are just a natural outcome.

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