Outdoor Education

Learn independence, resilience and leadership in wild and inspiring environments.

Through exhilarating and shared experience, Whitgiftians develop a passion for the outdoors, adventure sport and the environment. Sports from surfing to mountain biking become lifelong hobbies and many boys return to the school to talk about their adventures post-Whitgift.

By taking a student out of their comfort zone and introducing them to new and exciting activities, we aim to have a positive influence on their overall development and hope that they leave the School with essential life skills as well as fond memories.

Ben GreenHead of Outdoor Education

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Sailing and Windsurfing

Students at Whitgift have opportunities to embrace sailing and windsurfing at many locations.

Over the years, weekly sailing lessons were held at Mercers Park as students worked towards their RYA qualifications.

Recently, longer trips have been run to destinations including Greece, Sardinia, Cornwall and Poole Harbour where the intensity of a dedicated week has allowed pupils to make great progress.

In 2021, the School ran its first live-aboard sailing week along the south coast of Devon which proved to be an amazing experience and we have more adventures are planned for the future!