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STEM Design and Technology

Upper Third

Mr P Morrison


Year 9 STEM Diploma
Weighted car

Boys will design and build a vehicle to compete in two challenges. The vehicle will be powered by a pulley system where a set weight falls to the ground and turns the driving wheels. They will be limited by material and costs, and will have to use their understanding of maths, mechanisms and materials to achieve their goal.

Challenge 1:
Distance – The vehicle to travel over the greatest distance wins

Challenge 2:
Speed – The vehicle with the fastest acceleration wins

Process: (7 weeks)

  • Weeks 1&2 – Design a system that will make the most of energy provided by the falling weight in order to power their vehicles along.
  • Week 3 – Keeping within a set budget, select materials that will help increase performance.
  • Weeks 4–6 – Build final design.
  • Week 7 – Race!
  • Co-Curricular

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