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Partnerships & Community

From the very beginning, as the founding stone was laid, the John Whitgift Foundation has held a strong ethos of giving back to the local community. Whitgift School is proud to hold those values strongly at the heart of all we do within our local community. It is an ethos that filters through all aspects of our School community. 

While our School remained closed,  we supported the community in several ways, including supplying vans and drivers for the Croydon Volunteer Action Food Banks and creating visors as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for frontline NHS staff. 

Our Director of Partnerships and Community was appointed at the beginning of 2020 to further enhance and take forward the School's vision to expand this area.

Whitgift aims to make a significant difference to the lives of those in Croydon and the wider area, through education, community action and encouraging the value of service for all our students. We  hope that within the next few years many more members of the Whitgift community will be engaging with others locally in a mutually beneficial way.

Andy MArloW
Director of  Partnerships and Community