George Oyebode

Old Whitgiftian, George Oyebode met with the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to discuss solutions to tackle racial inequality in the UK. 

2020 Academic Results

In 2020, A Level and GCSE grades were awarded by the School following a lengthy and rigorous process.

Whitgift awards £100 to OW

OW Bardh Lepaja (2015-17) won a £100 Amazon gift voucher from Whitgift to say thank you for taking part in a recent survey.

Students celebrating IB group results

Fifty-seven boys applied for Oxbridge and fourteen have secured offers including a scholarship for Cambridge. 

OWs in a church

Whitgift teacher stumbled across OW (1930 – 1935) and Reverend Felix Vivian Allan Boyse celebrating his 102nd birthday while camping with his wife over the summer.