Pupil batting in cricket

Our vision is to provide an inclusive and nurturing environment that inspires our pupils to be resilient and independent learners, who develop a lifelong passion for physical activity.

Students playing the guitar

Activities beyond the syllabus help us to get out of our comfort zones, learn new things, learn from failure, learn to work with others, and learn about ourselves.

Junior Years Maths Afternoon

How we present ourselves is a contract, a courtesy, whereby we say ‘I am respecting the occasion, and others, by sticking to some unwritten - or written - rules’.

Socially distanced lesson in Big School June 2020

If ten year-olds can turn up to do entrance exams after the turmoil they have had this year, and they can be organised in the middle of winter, it can be done nationally...


The School is buzzing again and teachers are finding ingenious ways to bring subjects to unfamiliar spaces.

Boys looking at a calculator

These are the times that make us as people and we will emerge strong and united from this time.

Individual photo of School Captain

This blog was kindly contributed by Zain Peerbhoy, School Captain.

Marcel Hedman in Science Lab

Black Alumni of Whitgift School (BAWS) brings together alumni and students to support each other and celebrate achievement

Students at Cambridge University

University should encourage students to treat each other equally, to have equal respect for others' views.