Whitgift Conversations

Whitgift Conversations Podcast

Director of Development, Thomas Northcote talks about his role within the Alumni department, bursaries and the launch of Whitgift For All - the biggest act of philanthropy for the School since 1596.

Whitgift Conversations Podcast

Mr Nick Edwards talks about the benefits of having governors who are in full time employment, why people choose to commit to being one and how his job helps him to be a better governor.

Mr Marlow

We speak to the Director of Partnerships and Community, Mr Andy Marlow. He talks about what community programmes are at Whitgift, and why they’re so valuable for students to get involved in.

Whitgift Conversations Podcast - Mr Piggott

We discover what the role of Deputy Director of Learning and Innovation entails with Mr Piggott, and how the School instils values and prepare students for what comes after their studies.