All students are given the opportunity to try this historic Olympic sport, regardless of age, experience or ability, under the expert leadership of our team of coaches.

Core values such as effort, dedication, honesty, respect and humility help us deliver this sport in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

Despite being predominantly an individual sport, we encourage a team culture where students work together to improve the group; this ethos is very evident at competitions where Whitgift fencers are seen supporting one another when not engaged in a bout themselves.

Our programme caters for all levels from beginners to international fencers who regularly win medals and represent their country. We are extremely proud that many of our Fencers who go onto represent GB or simply love the sport had never fenced before Whitgift, demonstrating the truly transformational and inclusive nature of this sport. 

Pupils in Lower First Form and First Form are offered taster sessions and dedicated beginner lessons and all students can receive a minimum of two co-curricular sessions per weapon each week. Fencing is also offered as a Games option from the Third Form onwards.  

The School’s excellent onsite facilities ensure that the programme runs for the full school year with fixtures and competitions – a combination of school matches, external team and individual competitions - in all three terms.

The School also has links to top clubs including Camden, Brixton and Wimbledon as well as to the GB Athlete Development Programme.

Our Highlights:

  • Finished 2nd overall boys’ school at Public Schools Championships for the last three years 
  • 10 National championship medals last season 
  • Currently four boys representing England or Great Britain 
  • Students compete regularly on LPJS and National circuits 
  • A large number of students have national rankings