Whitgift School Boat Club (WSBC) provides students with the opportunity to take up Rowing from Third Form onwards where they start by learning basic watermanship in octuples to become competent in small boats. Our aim is for pupils to become well balanced, confident individuals by helping to instil a strong work ethic, can-do attitude, respect, and camaraderie for one another.

Through our host club, Molesey Boat Club, students have access to a full fleet of boats, including racing hulls. The School also has strong links with Surrey University, Wimbledon High School for Girls and a network of exceptional coaches. Rowing becomes an option to pupils at the start of Third Form for all three terms a year, through to Upper Sixth Form. There are seven sessions per week for senior rowers and four sessions per week for junior rowers as well as multiple weekly water sessions running from Molesey Boat Club.

Our Parents Committee and Boat Club Captain bring a real sense of community by helping to organise key events and supporting the pupils’ rowing. Various training camps throughout the year for all year groups, including trips to Bruges and the South of France, help to prepare students for the regatta season, culminating in National School Regatta for our top year group crews and Henley Royal Regatta for the most senior athletes.

Participation in Rowing means the opportunities to race at a wide range of events throughout the year including locally organised events, national regattas and Heads of the River races.

Our highlights:

  • 1st Place – J14 octuple Oarsport Scullery – Eton Dorney Lake, 2019.
  • Final – J14 Octuple National Schools Regatta – Eton Dorney Lake, 2019.
  • 1st Place B final – J15 4+ National Schools Regatta – Eton Dorney Lake, 2019.
  • 1st Place – Championship 4x Ball Cup Regatta 2019 – Eton Dorney Lake.
  • Louis Caujolle trialling for GB Junior 2020 season.