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The Junior Years Curriculum is designed to ensure that as soon as a child arrives at Whitgift, they are exposed to innovative learning opportunities, that will prepare them for the ever-changing world that lies ahead.

The focus on Global Citizenship, Digital Literacy and Independent Research projects is successfully blended with traditional subjects to allow pupils to experience a curriculum that is rooted in international-mindedness, is academically rigorous, structured to develop intellectual curiosity, and will ultimately ignite their passion for learning.

Emphasis is on the spoken word in lessons, to ensure that all students develop into articulate young men and empathetic listeners, whilst at the same time ensuring they are able to express themselves successfully digitally and on paper.

Sami Michael Director of Junior Years and Admissions

All pupils will develop the skills of social and technological responsibility, collaboration and creativity, alongside resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence through the academic curriculum and the wider PSHEE and Tutor programme.


Junior Years Curriculum

Curriculum Guide 2021