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House System

The House System will play a key role in your son’s education at Whitgift, helping him understand his role within a community and giving him the opportunity to collaborate with boys outside of his teaching set and year group.

For his first two years at Whitgift, your son will be involved in the Junior House Competition, with Houses meeting and competing every week throughout the year. House Events can be musical, sporting, or creative  – but every point counts, with houses vying to build a table-topping score as they head into the thrilling final event: Sports Day. 

In the last of his Junior Years, your son will be assigned to one of the eight Senior Houses, each named after a previous Headmaster or former senior member of staff, and each with its own coloured tie. Your son will stay in this House throughout his time at Whitgift, and may be chosen to be a House Prefect or even House Captain. Just like the Junior House Competition, House Events run throughout the year, with the two biggest and most eagerly anticipated events being House Music and House Drama – performed in front of a live audience and panel, with performances conceived, directed, and performed by students themselves.