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School Day

While the school day itself may be routine, what your son will take away from it will be as unique and varied as he is. But whatever his interests or abilities, he will be encouraged to make the most of every day, balancing his co-curricular endeavours with a deep love of learning.

Before Ding Dong sounds, calling students to morning Registration, he might have breakfast with friends, play games in the library, or meet with one the many club, teams, and societies running early morning sessions. Or, if he needs some extra help, he may use this time to seek out a subject teacher or attend the learning support sessions that run before and after school. During Form Period, he might have Assembly, House Meetings, or PSHEE with the rest of his Form. All of these contribute to his personal and social development, as he begins to find his place within the Whitgift community.

When lessons begin, he’ll leave his Form and meet up with a different group, giving him the chance to mix with other boys in his year.

While his lessons will cover a range of subjects, all will challenge him to learn independently, think critically, and to collaborate with others. At Break and Lunch, he’ll have the chance to expend any extra energy, making use of the many structured activities around the school. He’ll also have P.E. and Games every week. After lessons have concluded, he may choose to go home, go to the library to read or work, or go to one of the many co-curricular activities that run after school.

From Beekeeping to Wakeboarding, our broad and vibrant co-curricular programme will give him the chance to explore new interests with students of different ages and backgrounds, enriching his school life and shaping him into a well-rounded, balanced young man.

School Day

Time Activity
08.25 Ding Dong
08.30 Registration
08.35 Assembly/Form/House Meeting
08.55 Period 1
09.40 Period 2
10.25 - 10.40 Break
10.45 Period 3
11.30 Period 4
12.15 Lunch (Lower First and First Form)
12.15 Period 5 (Second Form to Upper Sixth)
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 Ding Dong
14.05 Registration
14.15 Period 6
15.00 Period 7
15.45 Final Bell


    The school is larger than the primary school our son went to, but there is a great network of parents who encourage participation and support.

    Parent of First FormerNew Parent Survey 2020

    The school encourages good behaviour and rewards effort and hard work. They excel in feeding a lifelong passion for learning and great academic and sporting results are just a natural outcome.

    ParENT oF First FoRMERNew Parent Survey 2020

    The staff are warm, friendly and approachable. They also take the time to get in touch with parents if they have done well and find the time to communicate outside of parent's evenings.


    Junior Years pupils in Junior School playground