House System

House Music Competition

In Middle Years, your son will have an increasingly important role to play in the Senior House system – taking his lead from older students, initially, and taking on more responsibility himself as he matures.

When your son reaches Second Form he will join  one of eight Senior Houses, each named after a previous Headmaster or former senior member of staff, and each with its own colours. If your son had a brother, uncle, or father who went to Whitgift, he will be assigned to the same House. Just like the Junior House Competition, House Events run throughout the year, with the two biggest and most eagerly anticipated events being House Music and House Drama – performed in front of a live audience and panel, with performances conceived, directed, and performed by students themselves. 

Students performing on stage


Performances range from Beethoven to Beatles as students from all years collaborate to write, direct, and perform their own musical set for an audience and expert judging panel.


Judged by an expert panel, often including notable guests, House Drama sees students from all years work together to conceive, direct, produce, and perform a short piece of dramatic work.  

Singing with a microphone


These introduce healthy competition and students are encouraged to take part. Topics range from chess and STEM to photography to shooting, fencing and water polo.