Pastoral Care

The comprehensive pastoral care structure in place at Whitgift has a strong focus on individual care, based on a deep and personal understanding of each and every student.

Your son’s Form Tutor, who he’ll see twice a day throughout the week, will play a key role in this framework, as will his Head of Year and Head of Section. In addition to looking after his general health and wellbeing, they will take a close interest in your son’s social, emotional, and personal development, working with you to ensure he’s healthy and happy, and coping with the pressures that come with his newfound aspirations.  

In the rare cases where it’s necessary, students can also rely on a wide network of pastoral care staff that includes Counsellors, the School Chaplain (Rev. Bayes), Mental Health First Aiders, and our Senior Nurse (Mrs. Petschi) and her team at the Medical Centre.

We also recognise the importance of fostering a culture of peer support, encouraging students to develop emotional intelligence, empathy, and resilience through the PSHEE programme, and providing training for Sixth Form pupils in mentoring, safeguarding, and conflict resolution.


The staff are warm, friendly and approachable. They also take the time to get in touch with parents if they have done well and find the time to communicate outside of parent's evenings.


The quality of pastoral care is outstanding; a calm and courteous approach pervades the School.

ISI Inspection REPORT