School Day

Depending on what subjects he elects to study, and what co-curricular activities he chooses to complement them with, your son’s school day will likely be as unique and varied as he is.

But wherever his passions may lie, he will find Whitgift an inspirational learning environment, where his ambitions are not just supported, but stretched. 

Before Ding Dong sounds, calling students to morning Registration, he might have breakfast with friends, play games in the library, or meet with one of the many clubs, teams, and societies running early morning sessions. Or, if he needs some extra help, he may use this time to seek out a subject teacher or attend the learning support sessions that run before and after school. During Form Period, he might have House Meetings, PSHEE, or Assembly. He may even lead an Assembly for more junior pupils, reflecting his maturing role within the Whitgift community.

When lessons begin, he’ll leave his Form and meet up with his subject sets. These sets are streamed by ability, ensuring students are stretched and supported in line with their needs. In Third Form, his lessons will follow a more refined curriculum than previous years, as he begins to develop the skills he’ll need when his GCSE studies begins in earnest. In Fourth and Fifth Form, your son will study six core GCSE subjects and four others of his choosing. In addition to his academic timetable, he’ll also have PE and Games lessons every week. At Break and Lunch, he’ll have the chance to expend any extra energy, making use of the many structured activities around the school.

After lessons have concluded for the day, he may choose to go home, go to the library, or go to one of the many co-curricular activities that run after school. As he grows, your son will have an increasingly important role to play in these. Indeed, whether it’s through House Events, his co-curricular endeavours, or as a Junior School Prefect, life in Middle Years will help him develop the responsibility, maturity, and leadership that he will rely on throughout his time at Whitgift, and beyond.

Student in CCF on climbing wall

Independence: Your son will be supported to develop an effective work routine, learning to manage his time responsibly and work independently.

Leadership: From becoming a prefect to leading Assemblies for younger pupils, your son’s Middle Years will give him plenty of opportunities to develop his leadership. 

Science Middle Years

Challenging: No matter what subjects your son elects to study, he will find Whitgift an inspiring, challenging, and engaging learning environment that sees him exceed even his own ambitions. 

School Day

Time Activity
08.25 Ding Dong
08.30 Registration
08.35 Assembly/Form/House Meeting
08.55 Period 1
09.40 Period 2
10.25 - 10.40 Break
10.45 Period 3
11.30 Period 4
12.15 Period 5 (Second Form to Upper Sixth)
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 Ding Dong
14.05 Registration
14.15 Period 6
15.00 Period 7
15.45 Final Bell