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School Day

Due to the wide range of courses available, the incredibly broad co-curricular programme on offer, and the natural diversity of the students themselves – what a typical day in Sixth Form will look like is largely down to you.

Depending what course you choose, you will have a mixture of lessons and free periods every day, and be trusted to manage your time wisely. The libraries and private study areas in the Sixth Form Centre are yours to use throughout the day. If you need some guidance, the Offices for Careers and university advice, as well as the extensive pastoral team, are there to support you. As, of course, are your subject teachers. You’ll also be able to speak to your Form Tutor for advice, as you’ll see them every day for Morning and Afternoon Registration. 

Tea, coffee, and a variety of snacks are available to you in the Common Room during Break. During lunch, you may leave the grounds if you wish, or get a ‘grab & go’ meal from the tuck shop and unwind in the Common Room, or enjoy one of the many structured activities laid on around school.

Once lessons have concluded for the day, you’re free to leave, go to the library, or attend one of the many co-curricular activities that run after school. As an older student, you’ll have a key part to play in these. Indeed, whether it’s through House Events, your co-curricular endeavours, or as a Senior Prefect, your Sixth Form experiences will help you develop the maturity and leadership that will serve you well in your final years at Whitgift, and beyond.


School Day

Time Activity
08.25 Ding Dong
08.30 Registration
08.35 Assembly/Form
08.55 Period 1
09.40 Period 2
10.25 - 10.40 Break
10.45 Period 3
11.30 Period 4
12.15 Period 5 (Second Form to Upper Sixth)
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 Ding Dong
14.05 Registration
14.15 Period 6
15.00 Period 7
15.45 Final Bell