Progressive Skills in Action

Students present their work in a marketing fair during progressieve skills in action

All students who attend our summer school take part in our ‘Progressive Skills in Action’ lessons in the afternoon.  Students are put into small teams based on their age and level of English and work on exciting projects that have been designed to develop their teamwork, communication, and their ability to think critically and creatively.  

This is a different way of learning; students discover the importance of collaborating, leadership and communicating as well as time management. With students from all over the globe and the UK attending our summer school, 'Progressive Skills in Action' also focuses on 
on developing the students' cultural awareness. T

Each group works on a single project for a total of 4 afternoons and shares their work in an interactive event at the end of the week. The main focus of the event is communication, and students are encouraged to interact with their fellow students as much as possible. 

What projects do the students do?