Whitgift School is placed 12th in the world for its IB results, with an average points score of 41.6/45 in 2021.  Designed exclusively by Whitgift's Director of IB, the Pre-IB summer programme the ultimate course to prepare students for their first year as an IB student. 

On this three-week course, and under the guidance and tutorship of experienced IB teachers, students study English Language & Acquisition, Maths & Statistics and Integrated Science. Students also are exposed to the CAS and TOK elements of the IB which are embedded into each subject. In the afternoons, students join our advanced English language students and English speaking Student Hosts to take part in our IB inspired Progressive Skills in Action project work. 

By developing their knowledge of the IB programme, students have the opportunity to improve their study habits, academic ability, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. This is not only crucial for a smooth transition into the first year of the IBDP, but also their general future academic success. We wish for students to complete this course feeling emboldened, inquisitive, reflective, balanced, open-minded, and ultimately with a passion for learning, ready to achieve beyond what they thought was possible.

More broadly speaking, our course has been designed with the IB leaner profile in mind. Students are expected to work as collaboratively as possible,  through group projects and in-class discussions.  Elsewhere, each week, we will send parents a detailed  update on their son or daughter's progress and at the end of the course we will provide students with a detailed report on the areas that need to be focused on in the coming year. 

"I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for this outstanding Pre-IB course"
Eleonora, 16, Germany

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