Horse Riding Academy

Our Horse Riding Academy is open to students who have a passion for horse riding or who are simply interested in trying something new. In the past, we have welcomed students who have represented their country at an international level, but have also welcomed complete beginners. 

Students who attend our Horse Riding Academy will discover what it is really like at an English stable, so not only can students ride horses, but they can improve their English in a truly authentic equestrian centre! Students spend four afternoons at Kingsmead Riding School, which is a ten minutes drive from the school. We accompany the students to the riding school in our own minibus. 

The Horse Riding Academy will run on the following weeks in 2024: 

  • Week 1:  Monday 8 July - Friday 12 July
  • Week 3:  Monday 22 July - Friday 26 July
  • Week 5:  Monday 5 August - Friday 9 August

Students must select the Horse Riding Academy at the time of booking and advise on the student's current riding level. Please note there is a £150 extra charge per week for the Horse Riding Academy.

What to bring it you're attending this academy:

If you have them please wear jodhpurs. Otherwise, please wear long straight trousers or strong leggings / jeggings (which do not have thick seams). Preferably not jeans or flared trousers. Riding boots, boots (such as wellingtons) or strong shoes with a small heel will be required. If you do not have any suitable footwear, boots can be borrowed from the riding school, but please make sure you have appropriate socks. Riding hats will be provided for all.

Before your arrival at the Summer School you will be sent the Horse Riding Code of Conduct, and a Student Rider form to complete and return.