English Courses

At Whitgift Summer School, our Intensive General English programme is designed to develop a passion for English language learning that will motivate students during their stay with us. We also hope our course will inspire students to continue developing their English when they leave Whitgift. 

Whether they are in the Upper School (ages 14 - 16) or Lower School (ages 11 - 13), all students who study on our Intensive General English course will have lots of opportunities to communicate in English in authentic real life situations. All the international students who attend our English language holiday course will study with English-speaking students from Whitgift School. Consequently, students will improve their English fluency and accuracy within a realistic context.

We have a strict nationality mix on our summer programme. Only 15% of our students come from any one country/linguistic backroundThe minimum stay is two weeks. Students have a total of 23 hours of tuition each week, with lessons each day between 09:00 – 15:45 with regular breaks and a 1-hour lunch break.

On Wednesday afternoons, students do not have lessons as they are on an excursion.